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12in AlumiDuty Steady Axis Lift Kit

SKU: 105512
105512 12in Steady Axis Lift Kit  AlumiDuty
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105512: 12in Steady Axis Lift Kit AlumiDuty

Currently accepting deposits to build systems for customers.
These sell faster than we can make them.  
3 to 6 week delivery time depending on shock choice.
If you order online your card will only be charged a refundable 25% deposit.

This Kit does not include:
- Front Steering Stabilizers (Budget $400)
- Brake Lines (Necessary but are not included. (Budget $299)
- Rear Kit Consisting of: (Necessary but are not included.)
      - 7in Lift Rear Leaf Springs (Budget $1300)
      - OUO Bump Stop F-Top Plates (Budget $125)
      - OUO 6in Traction Block/Bar System (Budget $1600)

 This Kit Includes:  
- 105056 Track Rod, Straight Max 
- 101421 Adjustable Link Arms – Street Joints  
- 601079 Clocking Ring Kit 
- 105028 Crossmember for Clocked Transfer Case 
- 105034 Drag Link Kit 
- 101532 Front Dual Stabilizer Bracket, Standard Dana 60 
- 105042 Radius Arm Drop Kit 
- 105043 Track Rod Bracket 
- 105044 Axle Track Rod Bracket 
- 105055 Front Sway Bar Relocation Kit 
- 105057 Limit Strap Kit 
- 501175 Pitman Arm, 4.5in Drop 
- 601058 Rear Shock Lower Extender Kit 1.375in 
- 601079 Clocking Ring 
- 106305 RadFlo 2.5 Coliover Kit includes Dual Rate Kit with 12" travel Emulsion Shocks and
***Baseline shock kit included in the jobber price of $8070, shock pricing will vary based on shock option choice. Kit price without a shock kit included: $6,520.

One Up Offroad’s Steady Axis™ Steering.

OUO’s Steady Axis™ Steering refines the geometry of the front suspension components. Taking into account all of the factors of the radius arms, drag link, track rod, shock travel, three-dimensional axle housing and knuckle paths to get the lowest bump steer possible. Going beyond “good enough” and optimizing the system to get it perfected.
This 12" Lift system has been optimally designed to give the best possible steering geometry.

There is more to the front suspension of solid axle trucks than trying to make the bars the same length and the same angle. No matter how many magazines say it, or internet experts repeat it, the “same length / same angle” is not the correct mathematical equation to make these trucks not have bump steer. “Same length / same angle” is an overly simplified answer to a complicated equation. Also, we know you can't just move the track rod location over an inch to make the factory track rod work and not suffer negative consequences of increased bump steer by changing that geometry. Just like putting on a 2" dropped pitman arm with no other matching components is a horrible idea. Usually the lowest cost is not the best way to get a top of the line truck to drive well. One Up Offroad has never set out to build anything lowest cost, instead we have always strived to make the best product possible and let the cost be where it may.

It’s all the fine details put together to make big improvements. Years of development and testing went into this design to make your trucks drivability better.

Trucks with solid front axles have the highest un-sprung weight in any automotive class. When you take off the 20 inch factory wheel and put on a 26 inch wheel you increase that un-sprung weight. When you take an 8 in sidewall height and reduce it to 3 inches it removes a tremendous amount of ride quality. When you run 60 pounds of air in your tires it makes the truck right very harsh. Large wheels and short tires will make it so you feel every bump in the road like it's twice as big even if you have the absolute best tuned suspension. It's unrealistic to think anyone can tune a shock to make a heavy-roller with metal wheels drive like a luxury car.

Check out our EZ IN Bumper spacers 101359, 101360, 101361, 101362 to get the room for your tire.


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