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Adjustable Link Arms - Street Joints - 05+ Ford

SKU: 101421
101421 - Adjustable Link Arms
Street Joints - 2005+ Ford SD
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Adjustable Link Arms TM 
Street Joints - 2005+ Ford SD
One Up Offroad features their Adjustable Link Arms TM (ALA) for the 2005+ Ford Super Duty lineup.  Improving upon the OEM design, these ALAs have full user adjustability to accommodate lifted and lowered applications. While the factory designed the stamped steel arm set for one ride height and axle location, One Up Offroad created a new design to suit each individual build.

It is mandatory to use the OUO jamb nut tool part #101405 to install this product. The installer needs to send the tool with truck incase anyone else needs to work on this system. Do not use an open end wrench on the jam nuts.

Part #101405  is included with the ALA system and does not need to be purchased separately
A wide range of castor adjustment aids drivability and self-centering of the steering wheel. This, coupled with length adjustability of the ALA, guarantees that the axle will be perfectly centered in the wheel well allowing a full range of steering.   
Highlights of the Adjustable Link Arm:
  • Custom One Up Offroad Designed Rubber Bushing Joint at the frame keeps the OE ride and feel of the front suspension. This is a good option if you have stock wheel travel and do not use 4x4 front drive to the maximum torque load. Maximum load would be boosted launches, drag racing, Sled Pulling, Pulling trailers into soft loose traction areas. If you use the truck to the maximum torque load with the front Drive look at the 104022 Chromoly Rebuildable joints.
  • Direct, 100% replacement for OEM stamped steel arm. Can be used with One Up Offroad lift kits or combined with aftermarket radius arm drop brackets and used in the OEM frame mount.  Note: Aftermarket drop bracket mounts may need to be slightly widened.
  • Includes all Joints, Seals, Jamb Nuts, Hardware, ABS Mire Management, Link Arms, and Instructions you need in this one Kit Stock Number. (The other parts you see in the ALA Area are replacement parts)  
  • Offset profile allows for improved turning radius with the use of larger tires and alleviates clearance issues created by OEM stamped arms.
  • Maintains correct front axle pinion angle through the entire range of travel (even at full droop), allowing full use of four wheel drive without causing the driveshaft to bind.
  • One Up Offroad custom designed the solid intermediate joint used to adjust castor – eliminates any additional arm movement with an additional joint.
  • All components are powder coated or zinc treated to exceed OEM standards for corrosion resistance. 
  • CAD designed and cycled with OEM chassis models to ensure proper fit and clearance.
  • Made with expertly welded laser cut steel, chromoly steel tube and precision CNC machined components to ensure the best quality in the industry for perfect fit and finish.
  • All Grade 8 hardware and instructions included.
  • The original Adjustable Link Arm - Invented and pioneered by One Up Offroad.  Tested by our test team to ensure best performance.
  • Made in the USA with pride.
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Approx Weight: 82 lb. / Each
Dimensions (LxWxH): 47.00 x 9.50 x 9.50 in.
33.00 x 9.50 x 9.50 in.


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