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Bumper Spacers 3/4in 2017+ Alumiduty

SKU: 101360
#101360 Bumper Spacers  3/4in  2017+ Alumiduty
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#101360 Bumper Spacers  3/4in  2017+ Alumiduty
This kit contains 12 quantity, 1/4" thick bumper spacers and 8 Longer Bolts.
Stackable from 1/4" spacing to 3/4" thick spacing.
These are easily installed by sliding in over the bolt with the bolt still installed. 
By not removing the bolt you can keep the bumper aligned better so the install goes much quicker.
If you need more than 3/4" spacing you can add a OUO #101359 to this kit to get up to 1 1/4" spacing.
These are zinc plated so they wont rust.
This Item allows you to move the front bumper forward getting it out of the way of the tire. 
When you push your axle forward to gain clearance between the tire in the back of the fender the tire gets much closer to the front bumper. 

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